Nicaragua Vacation Packages

Take inspiration from us but customize just for you. Look over these Nicaragua vacation packages but remember they should be treated as ideas. We can lengthen, shorten, add things, take things out or swap things around in order to create your perfect Nicaragua vacation packages.

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America and offers it all, from smoking volcanoes to 16th century Spanish colonial charm, from vast lakes to white sand beaches, tropical desert islands, rivers and rain forest.

A typical seven-night stay in Nicaragua will see you split your time between a colonial town (Granada or Leon) and the beaches of the Southern Pacific. That way you’ll get a much more balanced view of the country, possibly incorporating the fascinating history/culture of the place with volcanoes, markets and forest, alongside that relaxation experience at the beach.

A longer stay might include a short stay in the capital, Managua, as well as the Caribbean Corn Islands and perhaps the magical island of Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua.

Just let us know how long you have and what tickles your fancy!