Surfing Packages

Fact: Nicaragua boasts some of the best surf and surfing conditions in the region, if not the world. The beaches here have been discovered for the most part – surfers are generally the first people to pioneer a new country – but compared to Costa Rica there’s virtually no-one here… yet.

What makes Nicaragua so special? Well one thing is the offshore winds that blow across the narrow isthmus that forms Rivas Department, running north to south between the enormous Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean. These offshores come from the lake, across the narrow strip of land and out over the ocean roughly 320 days a year, contributing to some pretty darn awesome surf.

No matter what kind of board you ride, what level your skills are at, or how remote you want to be, Nicaragua provides. From the surfing mecca of San Juan del Sur with plenty of surf schools and board rental and repair places, to more remote beaches with maybe just a fish shack and little else, if you’re all about the ocean, then Nicaragua is the place to come.

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