Caribbean Hotels

For those of you searching for Nicaragua Caribbean hotels, When we say “Caribbean” in Nicaragua, we REALLY mean “Caribbean”! As in islands, that is. Nicaragua boasts a 532km (330 miles) Caribbean coastline, stretching from the Rio Coco in the north to the Rio San Juan in the south, but it’s the Corn Islands, two gems floating 70km (43 miles) off of the mainland, that really will catch your attention. The two Corn Islands, Big Corn and Little Corn are lush with exotic fruit trees, native palms and surrounded by pristine pink and white sand beaches. A hideaway for pirates and buccaneers in the 17th century, untold numbers of shipwrecks and treasures still lay scattered along the turquoise shores of The Corn Islands, creating a new haven for scuba divers and snorkeling aficionados.

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