Boutique Hotels in Nicaragua

Keep it small. That’s the watchword (so far) in Nicaragua, regarding its hotels. Like its neighbor to the south, Costa Rica, Nicaragua is all about that more intimate experience. The big boys (Marriott, Barcelo, etc) may be established south of the border now, but not yet here. If you like quirky, locally orientated, personal hotels, then Nicaragua is the place for you.

Many of the New Nicaragua’s boutique hotel owners cut their teeth in Costa Rica before moving north for something more remote as the big resorts moved in down there and property prices increased. The colonial towns also offered the chance to restore old Spanish-style homes and mansions to their pristine glory for guests to stay in and enjoy. Away from the colonial core, many beach hotels are small enough to feel like a family home in the midst of an island or beach community. Life long friends are made in places like these.

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